Message Variables

All bot and agent messages can include context variables. Tags are indicated by the double mustaches {{ and }} around them.

A typical template:

Hello {{contact.givenName}}, your {{result.Maintenance.brand}} is ready!

When said to a contact named Chris, with a Maintenance form result for his Mercedes, this will produce the following:

Hello Chris, your Mercedes is ready!


Variables can be used in chat bubbles, canned responses, articles and WhatsApp templates. It works by expanding tags in a message text using values provided by the current running context.

Most variables have a namespace prefix. The following variable types are available:

Agent Name

The name of the user sending the message.


Cheers, {{agentName}} context

Contact Profile Attributes

Contact profile attributes have the contact prefix. In the context of a contact conversation, the following contact profile attributes are commonly used as variables:

  • name
  • givenName
  • familyName
  • email
  • telephone

In addition, the following contact profile variables can also be used (when configured for use by the organization):

  • additionalName
  • initials
  • honorificPrefix
  • honorificSuffix
  • gender
  • worksFor
  • avatar
  • locale
  • address.streetAddress
  • address.streetNumber
  • address.postalCode
  • address.addressLocality
  • address.addressRegion
  • address.addressCountry


Hello {{}}, we have a branch in {{contact.address.addressLocality}}


Custom Data Attributes

In addition to the fixed contact profile fields, custom contact data attributes (underneath the contact profile in the UI) can be used as variables using the data prefix.


Your assigned dealer is {{}}


Form Values

Forms that are currently active have their values exposed as message variables.


We can book your testdrive in a {{form.Test Drive.brand}} {{form.Test Drive.model}} now.


Result Values

Values in the most recent 10 results are available as variables through the result prefix followed by the form name.


Your test drive in a {{result.Test Drive.brand}} {{result.Test Drive.model}} is booked.


Message Meta Variables

Any message.meta properties that were passed with the message are available as non-prefixed variables. This can be useful when sending WhatsApp templated messages and for bots.


Request: POST /v2/conversations/590bd49f458b716046347f47/messages

    "type": "chat",
    "text": "You live in {{city}}",
    "meta": {
        "city": "Amsterdam"


The following variables generate links to consumer media:

  • {{video}}
  • {{messenger}} or {{facebook}}
  • {{whatsapp}}

Using variables in WhatsApp templates

All the variables referenced above may be used when submitting new WhatsApp templates for approval. When using a WhatsApp Templated Message in a conversation, the correct values will be passed along to Facebook to be merged in.

WhatsApp Template Message